Hello there! I’m Stephanie, a Design Technologist based in Seattle, Wa.

I live at the intersection of design and code. With a background in digital design and years of building digital experiences for clients from wireframe to code, I understand the pain points and gaps that can exist between design and development teams.

I currently work on the Microsoft Edge Developer Experiences team where my work is focused on connecting with developers to identify problems in the web platform that they need solutions for to improve their day-to-day workflows. I’m a cross between a developer and design advocate and a program manager.

Before moving into a PM/User Research role, I was designing for the developer platform on Microsoft Edge. I’ve led user experience and design strategy for developer tooling in the browser and owned all aspects of design for the open source tool, webhint, from branding through user experience to front-end development.

I'm also a speaker and a writer, working to bridge the gap between designers and developers.

My Work