Windows XP End of Service Website | 2014

user experience, visual design

Front end design for the website to bring awareness to Microsoft ending support for the Windows XP operating system. Wireframes and website mock-ups were handed off to MOD Media for the website development. The initial concept was started with the idea that the website would determine what operating system a user was running and would send them to a page specific to users running XP, and a separate page specific to users who were on a newer OS. The pages were to have a similar & cohesive style, but for users on Windows XP, the experience was to be less vibrant and a bit outdated compared to users who are on a more colorful, modern OS like Windows 8. After many rounds of revisions, the website had some of its original elements stripped out per client request and it became a destination to find out whether or not you were running XP and where you could get more information about the end of service for the operating system.